Hello wonderful humans. Welcome to the official website of the worlQuache Entertainment Band (w.E.B.) @4wEBand

Noticed quite a few women usually sad. Conducted a poll. Discovered they want and need happiness. 😊

With all the fake news, double speak, Colonizer Conditioning and all other efforts to make and keep humans into good economic slaves (GES), I've made it my mission to uncover and relate as much truth and facts as I can. 🤔

Like with the evolution of anything, and some of us preferring the classic One Drop, style of reggae, hence this song. ☺

The worlQuache Entertainment Band (w.E.B.), is an entertainment unit, composed of a wonderful set of performers, bringing you a diverse selection of music genres, comedy, spoken word and eclectic forms of entertainment. Inviting all along for the magical, inspiring, healing journey. Thanks for your time. Your patience also.

Introducing: Ignar

Comedian, story teller, Ignar, @Ignar4Real, is a band member. The accompanying music is various. Mostly to elicit whole body motion. The lyrics will engage the intellect. Expect a wild, unusual ride.  

Introducing:  Majez Tique

     Vocalist extraordinaire, band member of w.E.B. Seeking new horizons, Majez Tique made the bold decision to embark on a new chapter in her life. Relocating from Guyana to the United States of America, she discovered music is her expressive outlet. Working with a variety of musicians both in a variety of studios and live performances, she was able to channel her emotions and connect with others on a profound level. This became her sanctuary. Drawing on her Caribbean roots and the diverse musical landscape of the new location she called home, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, artistic exploration and expression. This versatile, magnificent chanteuse, will transport you to a state of peace and tranquility with her vocal styling. 

Trying the comedy thing.

Trying the comedy thing.

Trying the comedy thing.